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Delivers on the Stinging Smacks

Overall, the Lover’s Super Strap Riding Crop is a decent crop. It smacks like you’d want it to, and easily. It’s great for a not super expensive starter crop when you need something more than just your hand or the old wooden paddle.

Pros: Easy to handle and you can’t help but feel powerful holding it

Cons: So light I’m not sure of its longevity with frequent or rough use


Let’s be blunt here, a crop’s primary purpose in life is to strike things (or people). It works quite well as an object with which to inflict pain, or tease slightly, depending on the force behind the strike. To be on the using end, you should probably like the feeling of having a little power over someone else and the feeling of turning that nice clear skin a lovely shade of pink or red. If you’re going to be on the receiving end of this crop, you should probably like a little pain from impact. That pain can range from nothing more than a little teasing tap to a fairly substantial wallop. I’d also recommend sticking to more fleshy areas for impact, such as the thighs, breasts, or butt. You can hit harder there without risking damage to the recipient.

I’d say this particular crop is great for beginners because of the quality of the product. It’ll work for you, but it’s not the highest end most expensive product out there. That’s great if you’re just wanting to try something out to see if you like it. Even more advanced users can have a good time with this crop, however, though if you’re used to a crop chances are you’ll already be drooling over the higher material quality crops out there.

This crop will travel well, assuming you have the length space for it, since it’s so lightweight. It does make a good smack sound when it hits, though, so make sure that hotel room has thick enough walls.


The size of this crop is spot on. It fits easily into your hand and is light enough to keep going without your arm getting too tired. Personally, I’m a bit of a leather snob, so I’d prefer something a little higher quality. This crop will definitely get the job done, however. You can even turn the edge of the crop onto its side to lightly trace along the body for a good sensation tease, so this is a multifunctional toy.

As far as quality goes, I’m honestly not sure how long it’ll last. We’ve used this one several times (actually fairly regularly) and it works just fine, but because it’s so light I wouldn’t be surprised if either the stick part snapped after a particularly hard blow or something like that. Do keep in mind, however, that this snapping would be after a good bit of use. We have subjected it to some rather intense strikes and nothing yet.


Having been on both ends of the Lover’s Super Strap Riding Crop, I think this is a pretty good crop. It stings when it hits, which is what it’s supposed to do, but doesn’t have rough edges that will cut or irritate the skin. It allows you to get a good angle to deliver a good hit that your partner will feel without tons of effort on your part. This is also something to look out for, though. Don’t go in totally walloping thinking you’ll have to work for the impact. This crop will do a good bit of that for you, at least until your partner gets warmed up enough to stand the hard hits.

Care and Maintenance

There really isn’t much to taking care of the crop. Wipe it down to clean it up and then put it away and you’re done. Make sure it’s kept in a place that won’t bend the crop since you don’t want any curves in the stick part or the flap on the top. Other than that, easy peasy.

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Tickles and Tingles

The Wartenberg pinwheel is a great introductory (or good standby) toy for sensation play. It’s ease in use all over the body makes it a good choice for exploring your partner’s body or having your partner explore yours. Even though the sharp points may look scary, they can be used in so many ways that you really shouldn’t be afraid of it until you’ve given it a try.

Pros: It’s so easy to use and versatile!

Cons: I can’t think of any at all!


This product is so diverse, I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t get at least something out of using a pinwheel! At first I was skeptical, though extremely curious, about using a pinwheel, simply because I knew it could be sharp and I hadn’t experienced sharp sensation play yet. The pinwheel is the perfect introductory tool for anything sharp, however, since it can be used with a light touch, as something that almost tickles gliding over the skin, or with harder pressure so the recipient can actually feel the sharp pricks. You can use the pinwheel anywhere at all on the body, though keep common sense things in mind when using it (a lighter touch on more sensitive areas, since the skin isn’t as thick there). It’s the perfect spice-up toy to really awaken the senses.


Being constructed of metal, as long as you protect the pinwheel from rust, it’ll last. It’s lightweight and well balanced so it handles nicely. The only sharp points (always a concern when it comes to metal) are the ones on the tips of the spikes… in other words, right where they are supposed to be. Keep that in mind, however, and consider storing your pinwheel in something protective so you don’t accidentally grab the head of it and hurt yourself in a not so fun way. The head is small, but that’s perfectly fine for concentrating all the sensations on a couple of spikes at a time as they roll across the skin. Anything larger and the spikes would be too far apart to get the desired sensations.


Personally, I loved the pinwheel and continue to use it on a regular basis. Depending on pressure, you can evoke a wide variety of sensations, which makes it the perfect warm up toy. How fast you roll the pinwheel across the skin can affect the perception as well. The faster it goes, the more sharp the pricks feel. I love the variety of things I can use it for in sensation play, all the way from light tingles to sharp pricks makes it so versatile.

Care and Maintenance

If you rinse off the pinwheel, make sure to dry it as well. Also make sure to store it in a protective covering of some sort so that you don’t accidentally hurt yourself.

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The Comfy Cuffs

With great strength and flexibility combined into one product, you can’t go wrong with the Jaguar Cuffs. They’ll hold you tight, but without pinching, pulling, chafing, or any of the other uncomfortable things that can go along with some rougher cuffs. These are definitely worth the price since they last so long and you’ll want to use them over and over and over.

Pros: Easily adjustable for use as wrist or ankle cuffs, smooth against the skin.

Cons: The red dye will bleed if you sweat a lot and wear them for a long time.


These cuffs are great for anyone interested in restraining the ankles or wrists. They are easy to put on and adjust, assuming you are putting them on someone else and not on yourself, so they would work for both beginners and advanced users. My favorite usage of these particular cuffs is on the wrists since they come with a short chain to join them together. They’re also great to build off of if you want to incorporate some rope for advanced bondage.

These cuffs look great, too, so they are great for play parties or fetish parties as well as just in the bedroom. I wouldn’t recommend getting them wet, however, since they are made of leather. They’re lightweight and compact, so they can easily be thrown into your suitcase for a weekend adventure.


These leather and suede cuffs are very well made. They are sturdy, even with substantial pulling. The leather and suede is soft, so it won’t chafe, and they are super comfortable to wear, even when pulled tight. The smooth feel of leather against the tender underside of the wrist is a great little bit of sensation play to add to the restraint play. Since they fasten with a buckle, they are adjustable to nearly any size. This makes them great for ankle cuffs as well as wrist cuffs. They can tighten well enough to hold the smallest wrist firm, yet expand far enough to hold an ankle without cutting off circulation.


Of all the cuffs I’ve tried thus far, these are my favorite. I love the leather feel, for one, and the endurance of the material. I’ve used these regularly for over a year and they still look very nice and show nearly no signs of wear and tear. The only downside I found was the first time I wore them for an extended period of time, to a fetish party. It was hot, so I was sweating a lot, and the red dye bled a little onto my wrists. It washed off easily, though, so I wouldn’t say it’s that big of a deal. Just don’t leave your victim cuffed to the bed in a hot room on white sheets for too long!

Care and Maintenance

I don’t do anything too special to store these cuffs. They get a quick wipe down (normally with baby wipes) and thrown back into the toy box with everything else.

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Great Beginner Vibe

The Spellbound Stud Double Jack is a great toy for beginners since its design and performance is unthreatening. It’s a good introduction to dual stimulation and to vibrators in general since the toy has such a wide range of user controlled settings.

Pros: Easy to use, strong internal vibration, waterproof

Cons: Angle between the internal part and the clitoral part isn’t quite right


The best use for this vibrator is for vaginal insertion. It’s built to stimulate the vagina (hopefully the G-spot) and the clitoris at the same time, though I think this product is best for beginners at dual stimulation. While it can be used with a partner, I think its intended use is better left for solo times. With a partner, the vibrations can serve as a sort of sensation play device on other sensitive areas such as on the nipples. I wouldn’t recommend using it if you share a room with someone and don’t want the other person to know what you’re doing, though.


This is a very unthreatening toy, as far as feel goes. It’s smooth, tasteless, and odorless. There are a few ridges on the portion to be inserted that feel nice, but they’re nothing too exciting. After the initial insertion, you hardly feel those ridges at all. This vibrator is very firm, however, so don’t expect it to have a lot of give.


Width and length were exactly what I like. It’s just enough for you to feel like there’s something there without having to really stretch around it, which, again, makes it perfect for the first time vibrator user. The one major drawback, however, was that the clitoral attachment wasn’t positioned very well to actually reach where it’s supposed to. In order to actually have clitoral contact, you will have to maneuver the inserted part back some, moving it off of the G-spot completely, which isn’t nearly as exciting.

The vibrations in the inserted portion can be turned up quite high, which is awesome if you like strong vibrations, and turned low when you want just a little tease. In the clitoral attachment, however, you aren’t going to feel any vibrations at all, unless the toy is turned pretty far up. That could be a plus for new users, but for girls who like a stronger stimulation on the clitoris, you’re not really going to get it from this toy.

The size is discreet for hiding. At a little over seven inches in length, it fits nicely into any sort of hidey-hole you need (ahem, sock drawer). The sound makes this toy not as discreet, as the vibrations can get fairly loud when turned up. Again, as it’s not a huge toy, travel is easy. The batteries are easily replaceable, only two AA batteries are required, so you could even take your new toy on a world tour and not worry about carting around adapters or transformers.


The toy works by twisting the knob at the base. The more you turn, the higher the vibration. The low end is very, very low, but the high end can cause the vibrator to roll all over the bed if you let it free. The high end is also pretty loud, so make sure you have privacy before using or turn the radio up. The vibration is great in the part to be inserted, but as mentioned, in the clitoral attachment, it’s not that great unless turned up all the way. If you like strong internal vibration paired with a light buzz on the clitoris, then this is perfect.

When the base (where the batteries go) is closed tightly, the toy is completely waterproof. This makes it very easy to clean, since you can just throw it in the sink and wash away. It works just the same in the water as it does on dry land, though be sure to not twist the cap off when trying to adjust the vibration controls. Batteries and water just do not mix.

Care and Maintenance

Since this toy is waterproof, it’s very easy to clean. Everything seems to just wash right off without having to scrub or anything like that. After use, I wash it immediately, take the batteries out (it’ll make them last longer), and throw it into our toy bin.

I’ve used it with Astroglide lube, and there’s no cross reaction or anything like that. Additional lube is not required, however, to use this vibrator.

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