Great Beginner Vibe

The Spellbound Stud Double Jack is a great toy for beginners since its design and performance is unthreatening. It’s a good introduction to dual stimulation and to vibrators in general since the toy has such a wide range of user controlled settings.

Pros: Easy to use, strong internal vibration, waterproof

Cons: Angle between the internal part and the clitoral part isn’t quite right


The best use for this vibrator is for vaginal insertion. It’s built to stimulate the vagina (hopefully the G-spot) and the clitoris at the same time, though I think this product is best for beginners at dual stimulation. While it can be used with a partner, I think its intended use is better left for solo times. With a partner, the vibrations can serve as a sort of sensation play device on other sensitive areas such as on the nipples. I wouldn’t recommend using it if you share a room with someone and don’t want the other person to know what you’re doing, though.


This is a very unthreatening toy, as far as feel goes. It’s smooth, tasteless, and odorless. There are a few ridges on the portion to be inserted that feel nice, but they’re nothing too exciting. After the initial insertion, you hardly feel those ridges at all. This vibrator is very firm, however, so don’t expect it to have a lot of give.


Width and length were exactly what I like. It’s just enough for you to feel like there’s something there without having to really stretch around it, which, again, makes it perfect for the first time vibrator user. The one major drawback, however, was that the clitoral attachment wasn’t positioned very well to actually reach where it’s supposed to. In order to actually have clitoral contact, you will have to maneuver the inserted part back some, moving it off of the G-spot completely, which isn’t nearly as exciting.

The vibrations in the inserted portion can be turned up quite high, which is awesome if you like strong vibrations, and turned low when you want just a little tease. In the clitoral attachment, however, you aren’t going to feel any vibrations at all, unless the toy is turned pretty far up. That could be a plus for new users, but for girls who like a stronger stimulation on the clitoris, you’re not really going to get it from this toy.

The size is discreet for hiding. At a little over seven inches in length, it fits nicely into any sort of hidey-hole you need (ahem, sock drawer). The sound makes this toy not as discreet, as the vibrations can get fairly loud when turned up. Again, as it’s not a huge toy, travel is easy. The batteries are easily replaceable, only two AA batteries are required, so you could even take your new toy on a world tour and not worry about carting around adapters or transformers.


The toy works by twisting the knob at the base. The more you turn, the higher the vibration. The low end is very, very low, but the high end can cause the vibrator to roll all over the bed if you let it free. The high end is also pretty loud, so make sure you have privacy before using or turn the radio up. The vibration is great in the part to be inserted, but as mentioned, in the clitoral attachment, it’s not that great unless turned up all the way. If you like strong internal vibration paired with a light buzz on the clitoris, then this is perfect.

When the base (where the batteries go) is closed tightly, the toy is completely waterproof. This makes it very easy to clean, since you can just throw it in the sink and wash away. It works just the same in the water as it does on dry land, though be sure to not twist the cap off when trying to adjust the vibration controls. Batteries and water just do not mix.

Care and Maintenance

Since this toy is waterproof, it’s very easy to clean. Everything seems to just wash right off without having to scrub or anything like that. After use, I wash it immediately, take the batteries out (it’ll make them last longer), and throw it into our toy bin.

I’ve used it with Astroglide lube, and there’s no cross reaction or anything like that. Additional lube is not required, however, to use this vibrator.

Original review and product description found here: Unfortunately, yes, you do have to copy/paste the link.

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