Tickles and Tingles

The Wartenberg pinwheel is a great introductory (or good standby) toy for sensation play. It’s ease in use all over the body makes it a good choice for exploring your partner’s body or having your partner explore yours. Even though the sharp points may look scary, they can be used in so many ways that you really shouldn’t be afraid of it until you’ve given it a try.

Pros: It’s so easy to use and versatile!

Cons: I can’t think of any at all!


This product is so diverse, I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t get at least something out of using a pinwheel! At first I was skeptical, though extremely curious, about using a pinwheel, simply because I knew it could be sharp and I hadn’t experienced sharp sensation play yet. The pinwheel is the perfect introductory tool for anything sharp, however, since it can be used with a light touch, as something that almost tickles gliding over the skin, or with harder pressure so the recipient can actually feel the sharp pricks. You can use the pinwheel anywhere at all on the body, though keep common sense things in mind when using it (a lighter touch on more sensitive areas, since the skin isn’t as thick there). It’s the perfect spice-up toy to really awaken the senses.


Being constructed of metal, as long as you protect the pinwheel from rust, it’ll last. It’s lightweight and well balanced so it handles nicely. The only sharp points (always a concern when it comes to metal) are the ones on the tips of the spikes… in other words, right where they are supposed to be. Keep that in mind, however, and consider storing your pinwheel in something protective so you don’t accidentally grab the head of it and hurt yourself in a not so fun way. The head is small, but that’s perfectly fine for concentrating all the sensations on a couple of spikes at a time as they roll across the skin. Anything larger and the spikes would be too far apart to get the desired sensations.


Personally, I loved the pinwheel and continue to use it on a regular basis. Depending on pressure, you can evoke a wide variety of sensations, which makes it the perfect warm up toy. How fast you roll the pinwheel across the skin can affect the perception as well. The faster it goes, the more sharp the pricks feel. I love the variety of things I can use it for in sensation play, all the way from light tingles to sharp pricks makes it so versatile.

Care and Maintenance

If you rinse off the pinwheel, make sure to dry it as well. Also make sure to store it in a protective covering of some sort so that you don’t accidentally hurt yourself.

Original review and product information can be found here: http://www.edenfantasys.com/sex-toy-reviews/bdsm/tickles-and-tingles. Unfortunately, yes, you do have to copy/paste the link.

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