In a Tight Pinch

This past month I had the pleasure? pain? some combination of both? chance to try out a nice pair of black metal butterfly clamps. These aren’t for the faint of heart! My partner and I both enjoy nipple play, but these require some care so that they don’t pinch too much.


The primary use of the butterfly clamps is to clamp the nipples, duh. You can also use them to clamp skin anywhere else on the body, though they do clamp quite tightly, so choose your spots wisely. Like me, for instance, I couldn’t stand having my labia clamped with these because it was just too much of a pinch. A word of advice, especially if you’re new to clamps (in which case I’d start with something lighter, like clothespins, and work your way up to these guys), get a good amount of skin in the clamp. For example, if you’re clamping the nipples, clamp right under the nipple, pulling the whole nipple through the clamp, rather than pinching right on it. You’ll get much better sensation and staying power that way.

You can use the clamps alone, or with a partner. They can definitely be worn during sex, which adds a lot of fun to it. Tugging on the chain causes the clamps to feel like they’re tightening a bit, so it’s a great way to get your partner’s attention!


I love the look of these clamps. They are the standard butterfly clamp shape, connected by about a foot long metal chain, all in black. They don’t look big and bulky, though they would show under a t-shirt or something like that. There’s some weight to these guys, though. You may hold them in your hand and think “oh, that’s not so bad, I expected metal to be heavier!” Just wait until they are being held up only by tender bits of skin, then see just how light they are!

Watch out for the pads that actually hold the skin, however. There are four little teeth on each pad (two pads on each clamp) that are meant to keep the clamp from moving around. They do that job quite well, though if you pull too hard on the chain or don’t release the clamp far enough when taking it off, these teeth can pull at your skin in a very not happy way. They’ll also leave little marks on your skin for a little while (the longer you wear, the longer the marks). These aren’t necessarily bad, just something to be aware of.


If you’re looking for good nipple play with an intense pinch, you’ve come to the right place. These will also work great if you like your labia or scrotum pinched, too. Be careful, the removal is more painful than the application. Overall, however, these work exactly as they are supposed to. They clamp you tight, causing lots of interesting sensations, and the chain between that causes the weight to shift as you move keeps you oh-so-keenly aware of your pinched bits. Keep in mind that since they are tight, they do cut off circulation, though, so the amount of time they are worn in a setting should be limited. As with every other toy out there, keep an eye on things and be aware of nerve/circulation issues and all will be fine and dandy.


Since the metal is coated on these clamps, clean up is super easy. Wash them in warm water with soap, dry them off, put them away for another day. Seriously, how easy is that? You can boil them if you need to disinfect them, too. Since they are metal, though, I’d really stress the drying them off afterwards just to keep that chance of rust down to a minimum. I’ve used mine a good half dozen times over the past month and there’s still no sign of rusting, but taking good care of your toys is what makes sure they last.

Overall, I’d say these are a keeper. They definitely add a different spice to play, either alone or with a partner. These aren’t for beginners to nipple play, but if you already know you like having ’em bitten, pinched, or otherwise tortured, you’re going to LOVE these!

The butterfly nipple clamps were provided to the reviewer free of charge in exchange for the review from Eden Fantasys. To see the product, please visit

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