Monthly Archives: November 2011

The personalizable vibe

The Flexi G-spot vibrator by Cal Exotics was this month’s toy to try out. This particular vibrator was unique because I’ve never had the chance to use a flexible vibe before. I wasn’t sure what to expect: Would it be too soft, bending all over, or would the “flexible” be an over exaggeration? To my delight, it was neither. The perfect amount of “bendy” made this a toy that can adjust to any woman’s anatomy, which is what we all dream of.


While vibrators can be used all over, I think the best use of this particular one is vaginally. It has terrific little studs (don’t worry, they’re soft) at the base that will press against the clit and labia lightly once you’ve adjusted the toy to fit you perfectly. The easiest way to adjust the toy is to see just how much you’d need it to bend once you’ve inserted it to hit just what you want. Then pull the vibe back out and use your hands to bend it to that point. If you try to adjust the angle internally, it may hurt a little since this little guy is meant to hold his shape while still remaining adjustable. I guess you could use it anally or as a little teaser in other places, but in those areas it’s just like any other vibe.


There are 10 different levels of vibrations with varying intensities and patterns. The on/off and level controls are located on the base, making it easy to use and adjust. The toy itself looks a little intimidating at first, but once you touch it, you’re more than curious. The colors are really pretty (mine was purple) and the texture is so smooth. The shape just fits. It’s comfortable to insert and use, which of course makes it all the easier to get off on it.


This little guy packs one powerful punch! He takes three AAA batteries, but boy, you can feel those little batteries. Almost all of the vibration levels are pretty intense, so this isn’t necessarily for those who can’t take strong stimulation. For me, however, once I found my favorite setting, I was good to go with this vibe. I’ve played with it fairly regularly for about a month and still have yet to change out the batteries.


The best part of this waterproof vibrator is that it’s super easy to clean and store. Wash in warm water and soap, then toss in your toy chest. Done! I’d recommend at least rinsing before using, though, since the texture can make some fuzz stick to the shaft.

Overall, this is a great vibrator for those who know they like strong vibrators. It adjusts to you personally and lasts. The material is good quality, and it doesn’t have that funky plastic smell that some toys have. It satisfies without making you work too terribly hard for it, because let’s face it, when it’s toy time, you just want to relax and go to your happy place.

The flexi G-spot vibrator was provided to the reviewer free of charge in exchange for the review from Eden Fantasys. To see the product, please visit