Great Idea, Awful Execution

The double dong with harness by Cal Exotics is a fantastic idea for those that like the idea of strap on play, but the execution of the whole thing is simply horrible. When I chose this toy for this month’s review, I kept an open mind. I was a bit optimistic since penetration for both of us, simultaneously, would be fantastic! Getting all of that for not too much money would be even better, but alas, sometimes you do indeed get what you pay for. We tried this toy a couple of times to make sure we got the hang of it, but still, not very thrilling. He liked it, but it’s not all that great for the wearer. More on all of that later.


The use of the double dong with harness should be fairly obvious: girl wears harness with the shorter  dildo (attached on the inside of the harness) inside her, then she has another dildo to use on any other partner. It’s a strap on that lets the girl get a little extra, too… or at least that’s the idea. The shorter dildo is rather thick, so the user does need to make sure she’s aroused before inserting it. The shortness is actually a detriment here, too, since it means the dildo doesn’t stay in place very well. The harness unfortunately does not hold the dildo in place, either.

The longer, external dildo, however, is a bit more functional. It’s a great size for most people: It’s not too huge, not too hard, generally a pretty comfortable, yet pleasurable size. Over time, however, the material will soften, making it more difficult to insert or use.


The design is nothing short of cheap and not built to last or really even fit properly. The “leather” is rough, though strong. Don’t take the dimensions given online or on the box. By the fit description given, I should have had absolutely no problem whatsoever adjusting the straps to fit me, since they are adjustable on both sides to fit just about anyone. In reality, however, I could barely get the harness to fit on both sides of my hips, which was disappointing. One doesn’t really want to be frustrated or worrying over not fitting into things at the beginning of sexy time.

As mentioned above, the material both of the dildos is made of is cheap and will wear down very quickly. The shorter dildo doesn’t stay in place and is actually somewhat uncomfortable to try to keep in the proper place. The dildos are glued onto the straps, too, so those aren’t going to hold for long.


The performance from my end was excessively underwhelming. There was no way I was ever going to get off on this thing, especially after the frustration of trying to get the whole contraption on just right and keeping it on. From his end, he enjoyed the size of the dildo, though he said that once the material starts to soften the toy will lose its impact. If you’re looking for a toy you can both enjoy being penetrated by, you’re better off spending more and getting something of good quality.


Taking care of this contraption is actually relatively easy. Just wash in soap and water and you’re good. I have no idea how to clean this thing without being too abrasive against the glue that holds everything together, however. The straps so far haven’t reacted at all to water, so I’d say they are safe in water, though I’d refrain from full submersion.

Overall, save your money and get something else of higher quality. This double dong with harness is very cheaply made and will be more of a frustration than a pleasure experience.

The double dong harness was provided to the reviewer free of charge in exchange for the review from Eden Fantasys. To see the product, please visit

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