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Luscious Lube, Slightly Stimulating

This month I got to try out the spot-on g-spot stimulating gel by Doc Johnson. The idea behind the gel (which looks and feels more like lotion than anything else) is to arouse the g-spot, intensifying a girl’s pleasure when something presses against the g-spot.


The primary use of the gel is for a girl when she’s wanting to experience more intense internal stimulation, either from a guy or from a toy. Using the gel is very easy. Place a dab on the tip of a finger, insert finger, and rub on the g-spot. You can use it externally as well, though the primary effect is internal. You can use it as lube, even, especially if you like thicker, more lotion-like lubricants or don’t need anything heavy duty.


Even though the online description says that the gel is clear, it’s not. It’s a milky colored, lightly peppermint scented lotion that is actually quite inviting. Peppermint can be a kind of scary word to hear when you’re thinking about putting it on sensitive areas, but this lotion won’t burn. In fact, externally, it barely tingles. It does have a great moisturizing nature, which is probably my favorite feature of the whole thing. Sometimes we girls do need a little help getting the natural juices going, and this is just the thing to help out there. It’s meant to feel smooth and increase blood flow to your sensitive areas all at the same time.


I’m torn on how to rate this gel’s performance. I love it for the lubrication and moisture aspect, but when I used the gel alone, I couldn’t tell any additional intensity or other benefits. When I used this gel with my partner, however, I was much, much more sensitive than before and things felt way more intense. I’d say to get any real stimulating benefit from this gel, you need to be doing some heavy g-spot play.


Clean up is very easy with this gel. It washes off easily with soap and water, leaving absolutely no sticky or weird smelling residue. Your skin will feel a bit moisturized, though, which I think is a plus! The container itself has an easy snap lid that stays in place quite well, so there isn’t much clean up there, either. I wouldn’t keep the container in a hot car in the middle of summer in Texas or a freezer, but so far it seems like the gel and the container stand up quite well to normal storage conditions.


The spot-on g-spot stimulating gel was provided to the reviewer free of charge in exchange for the review from Eden Fantasys. To see the product, please visit